What Do I Plan To Do

I plan to do what I have heard from you, plain and simple. 

As a non-profit organization, IEEE’s key thrusts are promotion of technical excellence, thought leadership, and facilitation of collaboration and networking, rather than amassing profits. I pledge to:

Provide greater value to you through new products and services:

  • As the creator of IEEE DataPort, pursue more opportunities in data and analytics for open science and reproducible research

  • Develop more continuing education/training on practical content relevant to your work, especially for industry members and young professionals 

  • Devise mobile strategy and infrastructure to engage members and other users with a simple click, to offer persistent availability and value

Improve Readiness for Crisis Management and Reduce Overhead:

  • Develop rapid global crisis response mechanism/readiness and strengthen virtual conferencing services/capability as a new emerging trend

  • Lower IEEE overhead in its business model to relieve burden for members

  • Ensure transparency in all decision making processes

Build our strength in diversity, for all of us worldwide:

  • Develop global strategies to offset political and geographic walls against equal participation

  • Provide personalization of services to accommodate different needs of our diverse constituents

  • Strive for fair participation and leadership from diverse groups and regions, especially those under-represented and women

Collectively, we need to keep IEEE strong as a member-driven, volunteer-based, international community.

© 2020 by  K.J.Ray Liu

​The opinions expressed are the opinions of the author and not necessarily the opinions of the IEEE.

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