2021 IEEE President-Elect 

Let's together build a better future for IEEE

Dear friends and colleagues,

I have been informed that I am elected as the next IEEE President. I am forever grateful for your strong support to make this possible. Now the work begins to deliver my pledge of making IEEE a better place for all of us. I look forward to our continuing journey of advancing technology for the benefit of humanity!

Sincerely yours,


I am simply one of YOU. I started as a student member over 35 years ago.  I read IEEE journals, I attend IEEE Conferences, I use IEEE Standards, I participate in IEEE webinars, and I enjoy attending local Chapter events.  I have also volunteered time to make IEEE a better place for all of us, starting with IEEE’s Signal Processing Society and moving up to overseeing all of IEEE’s Societies and Councils as Vice President, Technical Activities, and being a member of IEEE’s Board of Directors.  I understand the issues you are facing in your professional lives, whether getting started after graduation, excelling/struggling in academia or industry, or prospering in the “Gig economy” as an entrepreneur. I am running to represent YOU to make IEEE more relevant and useful for all of us!

Position Statement

I plan to do what I have heard from you, plain and simple.

As a non-profit organization, IEEE’s key thrusts are promotion of technical excellence, thought leadership, and facilitation of collaboration and networking, rather than amassing profits. I pledge to:

Provide greater value to you through new products and services:

  • As the creator of IEEE DataPort, pursue more opportunities in data and analytics for open science and reproducible research

  • Develop more continuing education/training on practical content relevant to your work, especially for industry members and young professionals 

  • Devise mobile strategy and infrastructure to engage members and other users with a simple click, to offer persistent availability and value

Improve Readiness for Crisis Management and Reduce Overhead:

  • Develop rapid global crisis response mechanism/readiness and strengthen virtual conferencing services/capability as a new emerging trend

  • Lower IEEE overhead in its business model to relieve burden for members

  • Ensure transparency in all decision making processes

Build our strength in diversity, for all of us worldwide:

  • Develop global strategies to offset political and geographic walls against equal participation

  • Provide personalization of services to accommodate different needs of our diverse constituents

  • Strive for fair participation and leadership from diverse groups and regions, especially those under-represented and women

Collectively, we need to keep IEEE strong as a member-driven, volunteer-based, international community.

About Me


Professor: I am a Distinguished University Professor of University of Maryland, College Park, where my group conducts research encompassing broad areas of information and communications technology with a recent focus on wireless AI for indoor tracking and wireless sensing.
Entrepreneur:  I am a founder of high-tech start-ups. As the founder of Origin Wireless, my invention of Wireless AI won the 2017 CEATEC Grand Prix award, and a product is available as Linksys Aware, over 150 countries worldwide, which won the CES 2020 Innovation Award.

Awards/Honors:  I am recognized by Web of Science as a Highly Cited Researcher, and I am a fellow of IEEE, AAAS, and U.S. National Academy of Inventors. I am the recipient of two IEEE Technical Field Awards: the 2021 IEEE Fourier Award for Signal Processing and the 2016 IEEE Leon K. Kirchmayer Graduate Teaching Award, IEEE Signal Processing Society 2014 Society Award, IEEE Signal Processing Society 2009 Technical Achievement Award, and over a dozen of best paper/invention awards.

IEEE Impacts

Among many things, I am proud to share three major impacts of my volunteer work. One was that I start the financial transparency movement in 2013 with the support of over 100+ society/council presidents to demand transparency in finance and decision making so that one can understand the real financial impact to make informed decisions. After many years of struggle, it is now fully recognized by most volunteer leaders and IEEE Board of Directors that it is critically important to us to make informed decisions.


Another is that I proposed and created the IEEE DataPort to offer data repository services as a new benefit and value proposition for our members. It supports open science and reproducible research by hosting data that are citable and useful for our community. The number of users and data have grown exponentially to over 400,000+ users in just one year.


And the other is that I proposed and co-led the development of the IEEE app as a mobile strategy and infrastructure in an ad hoc committee commissioned by the Board of Directors. The IEEE app is now available at https://app.ieee.org/ as “Your Global Gateway to IEEE”. The IEEE App is for you to discover IEEE and its quality assets. As a leader, volunteer, member, contributor, non-member, student, or someone with a technical interest, the app can be personalized allowing you to see, read, and choose how you want to engage and connect with all things IEEE, as well as network globally.

IEEE Board/Committees

  • IEEE Vice President – Technical Activities, 2019 (Elect 2018; Past 2020)

  • Co-Chair, New Engagement Model and Opportunities, (2019)

  • IEEE Board of Directors as Division IX Director 2016-17 (Elect 15)

  • Chair, TAB New Business Models and Services Ad Hoc committee (2016);

  • Fellow Committee (2015-16);

  • Founder of FinTrans Group (2013-16);

  • Lead, IEEE DataPort (2013-16);

  • TAB Finance Committee Member (2014-16);

  • Global Perspective AdHoc (2012)

  • Periodical Committee (2009)

  • Transactions Committee (2006-08)

  • Magazine Committee (2003-05)

Signal Processing Society

  • Past President (2014)

  • President (2012-13)

  • President-Elect (2010-11)

  • Chair, Major Bylaws Revision AdHoc (2009)

  • Vice President-Publications (2006-08)

  • Board of Governors (2004-05)

  • Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine (2003-05)

  • Chair, Multimedia Signal Processing Technical Committee (1999-2001)

  • Transactions on Mobile Computing Steering (2007-08)

  • Transactions on Multimedia Steering (2007-08)

  • General Chair, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP) (2007)


  • Co-founder, IEEE Washington DC Signal Processing Chapter (2005)

© 2020 by  K.J.Ray Liu

​The opinions expressed are the opinions of the author and not necessarily the opinions of the IEEE.

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